title: play kool
Date: 21 February 2006 1:36:07 PM

to all those who once were kids, want to be kids again, or who are just good at stuff.

a community kids television show is underway called play kool. this is a collaboration of many people who want to make
beautiful political childrens’ television.

we are putting the word out there for contributions/expressions of interest.

think around these themes: family, transport, recycling, feelings, water, food, the environment.

things we may be after: existing animations, footage, technical equipment, songs, stories, books, props, puppets, access
to interesting places.

think 2-4 year olds.

aim: a political community based kids television show, educational and fun.

please hit us up by emailing: with your proposals, plans, ideas, skills, material.

and please pass this on to all your networks, as the further it goes, the stronger it becomes, and the more super fun
things we can do and show from our friends.

title: playkool update / help

date: Wednesday, September 13, 2006 2:12 am

hi friends,

i know we have been silent on the play kool front for a while now, after approx 120 hours of studio filming and 80 people involved we had a small break, which turned into a slightly longer break.

but now the ball is rolling again, editing is under way and we only have six more filming days to go. the footage is looking fairly amusing/amazing. there will be a launch party/fundraiser, october or novemebr we feel.

but there are some more things now that we need help with/advice on. please pass this on to anyone who may be interested.

::: website. the plan down the track is to create a myspace account with compressed segments of play kool episodes on it. besides this though, it would be great to have a website, can be ridiculously simple, for photos, announcements, background info and contacts. and a space to host it for free. anyone able?

::: dvd. we plan to make a dvd to sell/pirate at launch party. anyone able to design the dvd contents page etc/know anywhere we can buy buk cheap/free?

::: adventures. we still have to film 11 adventures around and about outside. the point of this segment is to have kids with us. know any kids who would like to come? planned so far are adventures to laugter club, a vegie garden, sydney park bike track, to a dance class, markets etc. or any ideas for adventures for the friends, weather, fixing or animals episodes?

::: random wake up moments. in each episode we aim to have a couple of random 5 second long animations or filmed randomness to break up the segments. this is to mix it up, but also to cover up continuity stuff ups. anyone interested in making short things? they can be as random as you like, as long as not rude. ie for water: i sit on a chair, and get a bucket of water tipped on me. they can be filmed, flash animatiosn, freeze frame, cartoons, whatever you like.

::: animations. still have 3×2 minute animations that need doing on the themes of feelings, families and animals.

::: layout genius to make promotional material?

::: my computer got stolen and i lost heaps of play kool emails and photos and music, so if you have any copies or things that should go back into the play kool file, please email back.

sorry for the length and needy tone of this email. please of course disregard if it is too much. we are so close to the end now, just need a little boost of momentum and excitement building up to the most amazing launch party ever.
check out the photos again at:  and

lots of love,
claire and ali.

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  1. Think Says:

    wonderful post))

  2. Karina Says:

    Good night, blggers =)

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