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November 2, 2007

PLAY KOOL is watchable now via a new kind of small screen.

4 episodes (Transport, Colours, Plants, Rubbish & Recycling) are up on engage media on the world wide web! Check em out me hearties.

hello there!

October 23, 2007


roll up roll up! dvd number 3!

October 22, 2007

Well dear friends, as you may have remarked, our little bundle of colourful joy has started leaping all over town: Brisbane, Melbourne, New Zealand. Sydney comes next, then Adelaide, then the world wide web!

But more remarkable….

Number 3 dvd is ready! Yes! Almost 1 whole year after the launch!

Featuring the joy of Friends! Rubbish & Recycling! Feelings! and Water!

So this is a call out to all you wonderful fun-loving crazy characters who have already bought number 1 dvd and number 2 dvd and are awaiting the final installment of goodness. And of course all you wonderful fun-loving crazy charavters who would like to buy the whole 1, 2, 3 dvd set for the very first time.

We will be popping them out and sending them off in the next few weeks, so, if you please, do send us your current postal address so you don’t miss out on the fun. The series is yours for 20-25 small dollars, so email us at for your little package of joy, silliness and cardboard.

we are so international right now

October 11, 2007

The PLAY KOOL ship has set sail for the sunny shores of New Zealand!

The entire 12 episodes of children’s television love and madness, featuring kids from all different cultures and walks of life, mystery characters, in-house puppets, adventures to exciting locations, making, animations, songs and silly dancing, and surprise visitors, is airing now on community satellite channel Stratos TV one afternoon a week!

Check their website for details:


October 10, 2007

Sound the horns!

Yes it’s true. Smelbournian eyes and ears may now too rejoice in the PLAY KOOL!

Now airing on Channel 31 in Melbourne on Tuesdays at 3pm, and on Saturdays at 7am.

hear ye, hear ye!

October 10, 2007

PLAY KOOL the funtastic, the fabulous, has arrived on the small box known as television!

This beautiful monster involving the work of more than 90 Sydney film-makers, artists, performers, musicians, animators and competent friends, can now be seen by all Brisvegans three mornings a week!

Tune in to channel 31 in Brisbane on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8am, and Saturdays at 9am.


May 15, 2007

its may, and playkool is getting net savy.

welcome to the website for playkool, the 12 part kids show of beauty.

here, now, you will find updates of our progress with the show, as we near the end of post production.

that might be all for today.

but don’t forget: ‘if you’re sad, don’t feel bad, sing a song and you’ll feel glad.’

May 15, 2007